House Passes Resolution Condemning Hate Speech

The House is officially condemning hate speech. It’s a rare day in Washington when both sides of the aisle definitively come together on something – and last night, they did. A resolution introduced in the wake of a new round of controversial remarks by Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar easily passed by a vote of 407-23.

The resolution condemns anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim discrimination and any hateful expressions of bigotry and intolerance toward minorities. It also calls out bigotry by white supremacists. As for why is wasn’t a complete slam-dunk, a number of legislators said they were upset that Omar – a freshman Muslim lawmaker – was not named in the resolution.

Why is that important? On more than one occasion, Omar has made questionable remarks referencing Israel and Jewish people – and has accused pro-Israel advocates of pushing "allegiance to a foreign country." The measure passed originally started as a resolution condemning anti-Semitism, but was expanded to include other forms of hate speech amid disagreements among Democrats.

Source: Roll Call