Bonus Segment: Defense Department Blew Millions On Lobster In One Month

Faced with having to spend their “use it or lose it” funds, the Defense Department used it last September… on seafood.

That’s according to a government watchdog group Open the Books. Typically, the last month of the fiscal year finds government agencies trying to spend the rest of their budge out of fear Congress will take some money away if they have some left.

While the DOD bought 4.5 million dollars worth of lobster tail and crab and other agencies spent their last dollars on things including including a Wexford Leather club chair ($9,241), china tableware ($53,004), alcohol ($308,994), golf carts ($673,471), musical equipment including pianos, tubas, and trombones ($1.7 million), iPhones and iPads ($7.7 million), and workout and recreation equipment ($9.8 million).

“Use it or lose it” spending has gone up 39-percent since Trump’s election.

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