R. Kelly: Back In Jail After An Unhinged Interview

R. Kelly thought his day was gonna get any better, he was sadly mistaken. As we’ve told you, he went to court to answer for the $160-thousand he owed in in back child support. When he didn’t come up with the cash, he was arrested. As of press time, he’s in the Cook County Jail and won’t get out until he settles up his bill. 

After the interview on CBS This Morning aired - and the Savage family held their press conference - Miss Savage finally contacted her parents...for the first time since 2017. In a video posted online, she tells her family she's "a million million times" happy where she is...her delivery didn't exactly feel sincere. When her little sister jumped on the line and said "I love you" Savage fell silent, repeated the “million, million times” statement again and said she had to go.

Another accusation has surfaced in the wake of Kelly’s arrest. Detroit Police Chief James Craig confirmed that they got information from the Chicago Police Department about an alleged victim who made allegations of a criminal sexual conduct incident against the singer. The incident potentially happened in Detroit in 2001 when she was 13. Detroit officials are working on the follow up with her and her attorney.

Source: CBS This Morning

Photo Credit: Getty Images