Man Survives Five Days Stuck In Snow By Eating Hot Sauce

While out for a Sunday drive last weekend, an Oregon man got stuck in the snow and spent five days there in his car before being found.Jeremy Taylor was with his dog, Allie, when they got stuck near Wake Butte after unusually heavy snowfall and they were there until a snowmobiler found them on Friday.

Taylor, 36, and Allie were in good condition when they were discovered, but they were pretty hungry after being trapped in the snow for five days. He says he tried to walk out, but the deep snow made it difficult, so he and the dog went back to the vehicle. They stayed warm by starting it up periodically and he used a few taco sauce packets he had as food. They’re fine, despite their adventure and have since been reunited with loved ones.

Source: KATU

Photo Credit: Getty Images