Dems & GOP Reflect On Question Of Trump Impeachment

When it comes to talk of impeachment, will or won’t the Dems? Depends whom you ask. While President Trump appears to believe something of the sort is in the cards. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is defending President Trump against impeachment talks.

On ABC's “This Week,” the California Republican dismissed New York Democratic Representative Jerrold Nadler's plans to investigate whether Trump merits impeachment – arguing that Nadler decided to impeach Trump the day he won the election. Nadler, who is the House Judiciary Chairman, said he plans to request documents from officials close to the White House to begin making his case for impeachment to the American people.

Thing is? Representative Debbie Dingell – a Democrat – says facts are important and it's important to wait for special counsel Robert Mueller's report before talking about potential impeachment proceedings. During “Fox News Sunday” interview the Michigan Democrat was clear that she wants facts before taking action – that impeachment should never be a partisan event

Source: FOX News Sunday