Times: President Trump Ordered Kushner Be Given Top Secret Clearance

As you’ll recall, there was much to be made last year about the status of First Son In Law Jared Kushner’s security clearance. Specifically, that he hadn’t secured a top secret security pass for a significant length of time.

Suddenly, it was a done deal – and to ask the “New York Times,” that was for a good reason: that President Trump directly ordered Kushner be given a top secret security clearance over the objections of intelligence officials. According to the “Times,” Trump ordered then-Chief of Staff John Kelly to give Kushner the clearance.

While it’s not clear why intelligence officials were leery, there is speculation his family's longtime business ties with foreign governments might be a factor. Either way, the “Times” is reporting that Kelly and White House Counsel Don McGahn both wrote memos that outlined their concerns about giving Kushner a top secret security clearance despite their objections.

  • Why is this report such a problem for President Trump?He told the “Times” in January that he did not intervene on Kushner's behalf and the decision went through the normal vetting process.
  • What’s the Trump response?The White House said today that it does not comment on security clearances.

Source: New York Times