Revisiting The "Lolita" Musical

"You have only until Sunday to see one of the strangest musicals ever conceived for the stage: “Lolita, My Love,” a 1971 flop based on Vladimir Nabokov’s sensational novel about a college professor and his obsession with his 12-year-old stepdaughter.

The revival’s running in the York Theatre’s Musicals in Mufti series, which does an invaluable job of dusting off old shows that, while flawed, have moments of brilliance.

“Lolita, My Love” is an excellent example. Start with the music, by lyricist Alan Jay Lerner (“My Fair Lady”) and film composer John Barry (“Goldfinger”). It’s studded with gems, including an old-fashioned showstopper, sung by Dorothy Loudon in the original production, called “Sur les Quais.”

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