Brian Williams Poised For Return

It looks like Brian Williams may be returning to prime time. The news anchor, who was removed from “NBC Nightly News” in 2015 after admitting to embellishing stories, is being considered for a move to a 7 pm timeslot on MSNBC.

Williams was basically banished to MSNBC since leaving the NBC News anchor desk, and has been hosting the 11 pm show “11th Hour With Brian Williams.” But despite the late-night timeslot, he’s apparently been able to turn the show into a hit, which is why he’s being considered for a move to a more desirable time, possibly replacing Chris Matthews at 7 pm, since sources say the network is souring on Matthews’ “Hardball.” Some are also suggesting that Williams could possibly replace Joe Scarborough’s show “Morning Joe,” should the host decide to leave the network for any reason.

One place Williams won’t be going though is back to NBC. Sources say, “a lot of [NBC journalists] think Brian should’ve lost his job. He’s kind of forgotten at NBC News.”

Source: New York Post

Photo Credit: Getty Images