Bonus Segment: Weird Food Combinations People Swear By

When it comes to food, most of us probably have some strange eating habits that we’re ashamed to admit to people. There are plenty of folks who will combine some foods that don’t seem to belong together, yet to them they taste perfectly delicious, and now some people are owning up to those odd combos.

A bunch of folks recently shared with Buzzfeed some of their favorite, yet odd, food combinations, and depending on who you are it may have you gagging, or possibly willing to give the a try.

Odd food combinations include:

  • Hummus & tamales
  • Strawberries & black pepper
  • Churros & sour cream
  • French fries with ranch and maple syrup
  • Peanut butter and Cheetos sandwiches
  • Grilled cheese with peanut butter OR jelly/jam. Or maybe even both
  • Chocolate ice cream with wasabi
  • Vanilla ice cream with lemon juice
  • Cheetos Puffs dipped in tomato soup
  • Popcorn and honey mustard dipping sauce
  • Cream cheese and pizza.
  • Funnel cake with nacho cheese.
  • Cheez-Its and Craisins

Source: Buzzfeed

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