North Korea Summit Ends Unexpectedly With No Deal

North Korea Summit ending early? Indeed – and there’s no deal in place either. Talks between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wrapped up earlier than expected, and Trump himself has confirmed that no deal was reached. Initially, the schedule initially called for a joint signing ceremony with Trump and Kim, but plans for that event were canned.

The change is a surprise given that earlier in the day, the President said the talks have been very productive. Speaking in Hanoi overnight, Trump noted that sometimes “you need to walk.” Afterwards, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo noted that while progress was made, “Unfortunately, we didn’t get all the way” and added, “we didn’t get to something that made sense for the United States. We asked Chairman Kim to do more – he was unprepared to do that.”

What happens next, that’s anyone’s guess – but Pompeo says that signs are good “in the weeks ahead.” As for what went wrong?Sanctions.According to the President, North Korea wanted sanctions lifted – and the United States wasn’t willing to go there. "I could have signed something," Trump noted. "But I want to do things the right way."

Source: C-SPAN

Photo Credit: Getty Images