Michael Cohen Unloads: Trump's A Racist And A Conman

While President Trump was across the world meeting with North Korea’s diminutive dictator Kim Jong Un, his former lawyer – and so-called “fixer” was testifying on Capitol Hill. Reactions to the testimony of Michael Cohen depends largely on party lines – just as it did the questioning that took place.

For his part, Cohen said “years of blind loyalty to Donald Trump” cost him deeply. In a lengthy House hearing, Cohen called his former boss “a conman,” “a cheat” and “a racist” and said he is ashamed of taking part in Trump's "illicit acts."

While Republicans challenged Cohen's credibility and noted that he’s a convicted liar, Democrats fed Cohen questions designed to bolster his testimony.Here are some highlights:

  • Cohen criticized his own "weakness and misplaced loyalty." Cohen repeatedly apologized for his actions and said he is seeking redemption.
  • He said Trump asked him to give adult film star Stormy Daniels a hefty hush money payment and then lie to Melania Trump about it. Trump has denied the accusation.
  • He alleged that Trump was aware of a pending "dump" of leaked emails from WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential campaign – and also that he knew all about the infamous Trump Tower meeting in advance, and after.
  • Cohen said federal investigators are looking into conversations he had with Trump or his advisers after the FBI raided his hotel room and office. The raids occurred in April of last year. Cohen did not elaborate – citing ongoing investigation.

Either way, Cohen is headed to prison for lying to Congress, tax fraud, banking fraud and campaign finance violations.

Photo Credit: Getty Images