Bonus Segment: 2-Year-Old Picasso

Two-year-old Picasso, Lola June has her own gallery which is a solo exhibit called "Hope".

She has created 37 pieces which is on display at the Chashama gallery in Union Square Sunday.

More than 12 of Lola’s acrylic paintings priced between $300 and $1,600 have been bought, according to the exhibition’s curator.

“It’s an honor to be her parent,” said Lola’s mother, Lucille Javier, who is a hair colorist originally from California. “She teaches me to be a better human.”

Celebrity dermatologist Dr. David Colbert recently purchased two after spotting them in the Chashama gallery window.

“I was walking down the street and I looked in the window and thought ‘These pieces are really great’, ” Colbert said.

“I remember asking ‘Who is the artist?’ and there was a little girl sitting on someone’s lap and they pointed to her and I thought ‘Oh, it’s the mother’. ”

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