SEE IT: Iceberg Twice The Size Of New York

A massive iceberg twice the size of New York City is about to break off of an Antarctic ice shelf.

Scientists at NASA say cracks are continuing to grow along the Brunt Ice Shelf. The first appeared in 2016 and it’s spreading to the east. The Halloween crack, as it’s dubbed, is set to insect with a fissure within two weeks and that will cause the break off.

The researchers say that a rift in the shelf had been stable for more than three decades but has been expanding recently. A much larger chuck split from the shelf in 2017 and was twice the size as the state of Delaware.

The study found that melting of the ice sheet has accelerated to three times the typical rate in the last five years. They warn unless drastic action is taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit global warming, scientists estimate that Antarctica’s melting ice should add more than nine inches to total global sea level rise by 2070.