Bonus Segment: Name's Could Determine How Well Behaved You Are

A survey of more than 36,000 students by UK-based school shopping site found that boys and girls with certain names could be viewed as either naughty or nice, scholastically speaking.

Topping its “nice girl” list was Emily, followed by Chloe and Sophie, while Louise, Faye and Kayleigh headed the naughty list.

Tom, Alexander and Jake were the names of the nicest boys, with Joshua, Thomas and Jack heading up the naughty category.

SchoolStickers based its analysis on which students received the most rewards from their teachers based on good behavior — the so-called nice list. Those children who received the least were relegated to the naughty category.

It’s hardly a scientific survey, contended School Stickers managing director Neil Hodges. He says its naughy/nice list “is just a bit of fun and not meant to be taken seriously.” Indeed, it should be taken with a pinch of salt, if not a scooping of coal, as the names on the lists change significantly year to year, with often near-complete turnover.

SchoolStickers’ 2018 list shifted significantly from the year before. The only name to resurface from 2017 was Faye, who then topped the naughy list.

According to SchoolStickers, New York’s own most popular male newborn name for 2017 is already earning a reputation. Liam ranked the sixth naughtiest male name in the most recent report, although those born in 2017 have hardly had a chance to earn such a status.

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