Woman Breaks Into Ex's House To Delete Nudes

We've all taken some photos we probably shouldn't have. A woman in Australia decided that she didn't want some topless photos in the hands of her ex-boyfriend any longer. 

Jana Hocking is 34 years old and writes a dating column for a blogging site and produces a radio show in Australia. She says that a few years ago, after a bad breakup with her boyfriend, she broke into his house to delete a topless photo off his phone. Her former lover had taken their breakup badly, leading her to suspect he may share an intimate photo he had of her. .She says, "I snuck through his window while he was snoring up a storm, grabbed his phone, scrolled through his photos, found the offending shot, and deleted it."

He didn't catch her and she wasn't arrested or anything along those lines but says the risk was totally worth it. It should be noted that she doesn't condone that kind of behavior but doesn't regret her decision to get back those photos. 

Source: News.com.au