States Officially Sue Trump Over Emergency Declaration

16 states are teaming up to sue the Trump administration over the declaration of a national emergency on the southern border. As we told you before, President Trump announced the emergency last week, claiming it's necessary to build a wall to stop drug and human trafficking into the United States.

Now, California Attorney Genera lXavier Becerra is stepping to the public stage to say the emergency declaration is a presidential overreach. He added that he expects victory in the court system, and that “it's so simple, a first-year law student could argue the case.”

The complaint, which has been filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, seeks to stop the administration from using emergency powers to divert money from other programs to a wall. Becerra notes, "[Trump] said, 'I didn't need to do this.' Those are not the kind of words you hear from a president who's about to declare a national emergency.”