SEE IT: Woman Thrown Off Of JetBlue Flight

A female passenger on a JetBlue flight identified as Valerie Gonzalez, boarded a flight to Las Vegas from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International airport in Florida on 14 February when she allegedly became aggressive.

She is said to have initially become incensed when she found herself sitting next to a child on the plane. Gonzalez said she had been drinking and so didn’t want to be sat there. “I’m not sitting next to a f****** three-year-old, I’ve been drinking all day,” she said.

Following the incident, JetBlue issued the statement: “On Thursday, February 14 – during the boarding of flight 7 from Fort Lauderdale to Las Vegas – crew members reported a disruptive customer onboard.

“Local law enforcement was called and the customer was removed from the flight. Additional details should be directed to Broward County Sheriff’s Office.”