Glenda Jackson In King Lear

"The play Jackson’s rehearsing is “King Lear,” and the 82-year-old is not a supporting player. While many actors her age are retired or camping it up in bit parts in franchise films, Jackson’s tackling the title role, which clocks in at nearly 1,000 lines.

“King Lear” begins previews Feb. 28. For Jackson, it’s a remarkable third act in a remarkable career.

A member of the Royal Shakespeare Company in the 1960s, she gave now legendary performances as Charlotte Corday in “Marat/Sade” and Ophelia in “Hamlet.” She won an Oscar for “Women in Love” in 1971 and then another in 1974 for “A Touch of Class.” She also picked up two Emmys playing Queen Elizabeth I in “Elizabeth R,” a 1970s BBC series that found a devoted following on PBS."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images