Florida And The Country Reflect On First Anniversary of Parkland Shooting

The community of Parkland, Florida will mark the first anniversary of the mass school shooting that took the lives of 17 people last Valentine's Day. Survivors like Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School GraduateDavid Hoggsay, "you can't get over something that should have never happened."

For current students, Stoneman Douglas will offer counseling and wellness activities and will encourage students to do service projects. Flags across the state will fly at half staff – as ordered by Florida GovernorRon DeSantis.

Meanwhile, DeSantis has announced that a petition has been filed to form a grand jury to investigate the shooting. He was joined by families of the victims of the Parkland shooting. He says the purpose of the grand jury will be to identify and hold those accountable for the shooting and suggest measures to prevent future tragedies.

Photo Credit: Getty Images