White House Bans CNN's Acosta, CNN Responds


The feud between the White House and CNN reporter Jim Acosta is heating up. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders says the White House is suspending the hard pass for Acosta after his confrontation with President Trump at a news conference. To that end, Acosta was denied access to the White House tonight to do a live news shot.

As for the suggestion that Mr. Trump was shutting down the media, Sanders took to Twitter to point out that the President spent an hour and a half taking 68 questions from 35 reporters to show how he supports a free press. She tweeted the White House will not tolerate a reporter “placing his hands on a young woman who was trying to do her job.” Thing is? The video doesn’t exactly show that.

Did Acosta refuse to give up the microphone? Yes. Did he block the intern from taking it? Yes. But “put his hands” on her? See the video below and decide yourself.


CNN is calling the White House banning its reporter a threat to the nation's democracy. In a statement, CNN's statement says Sanders lied and cited an incident that never happened. It said the country deserves better and Acosta has the network's full support. Video of the exchange shows Acosta did not place his hands on the intern.

The White House Correspondents' Association is standing behind Acosta after the White House decision. The WHCA called the move "out of line with the purported offense" and unacceptable. The organization urges the White House to reverse what it calls a "weak and misguided action."

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Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning

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