Report: China, Russia Are Spying On Trump's Phone Calls

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China and Russia are reportedly listening to President Trump's phone calls. That’s according to the “New York Times,” who’s reporting that the President's aides have warned him that using his personal cell phone to call friends is not secure and that Russian and Chinese spies are often eavesdropping on his calls. He reportedly uses it anyway.

American intelligence officials tell “The Times” that China is looking to use the information it gleans from those conversations to keep a trade war from escalating. China has also reportedly gathered a list of people the President frequently speaks to in hopes of getting them to influence his thinking.

If there is good news, it’s that the President has talked about avoiding the phone for sensitive subjects, and he doesn't use email. The president has reportedly refused to swap out his official phones every 30 days as is the standard, citing the inconvenience it causes. Still, aides are reportedly concerned that Mr. Trump is sharing confidential information with friends…which in theory…is precisely what the Chinese and Russians could capture.

Source: New York Times

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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