Bonus Segment: New Study Reveals Ancient Fossils Could Just Be Rocks


Australian scientists thought they had discovered the world's oldest fossils of more than 3-point-seven billion years old in Greenland, which could mean that life formed quicker after Earth’s formation than it’s been recorded. But, a new study challenges the discovery, suggesting that the fossils could actually just be rocks.

The new report comes via NASA astrobiologist Abigail Allwood, known for finding the previously oldest fossil of 3-point-five billion years old. Using a similar instrument to that being sent to Mars soon, she analyzed the “chemical map” of the new “fossils” in Greenland herself after thinking “there was something not quite right” with the 2016 report by Allen Nutman and his team of scientists from the University of Wollongong, Australia.

What she turned out has some experts convinced that the so-called fossils may not be fossils at all. But Nutman is defending his work – saying that Allwood took samples from only one of the two sites and didn’t even test the original samples when he and his team allegedly offered. So, he’s calling the difference in data an “apples to oranges scenario.”

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Source: Daily Mail

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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