NY Man Arrested In Election Day Plot


An Upstate New York man is under arrest as the Department of Justice says he planned to blow himself up on the National Mall in Washington, DC. And unlike other thwarted plots, when investigators descended on Paul Rosenfeld's home, they found a “functional” device weighing 200 pounds in his basement – complete with an activation switch.

Officials say the Rosenfield also confessed to his plan, which was to detonate the bomb on the National Mall on Election Day. He'd hoped the act would draw attention to his belief in "sortation," which is an ancient practice in which lawmakers are selected randomly by lottery as opposed to being voted in. Rosenfeld allegedly was planning to only kill himself but has reportedly acknowledged that others could have been injured or killed.

How’d he hit the law enforcement radar? A call from a “concerned citizen.” Apparently, Rosenfeld had sent text messages and letters to an unnamed person in Pennsylvania. He’s since been charged with unlawfully manufacturing a destructive device, as well as interstate transportation and receipt of an explosive – each charge carrying a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

Source: Department of Justice

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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