Kavanaugh Is Confirmed To The Court

Federal Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. This, after being narrowly confirmed by the Senate, 50-48 over the weekend. Kavanaugh's approval followed a tumultuous confirmation process, of course. And that was reflected in the debate on Saturday.

On one side of the aisle, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnellcalled Kavanaugh is a “man of the highest caliber” and “extremely well-qualified for the high court.” On the other, Democratic leader Chuck Schumer accused Kavanaugh of being an "extreme partisan" who “does not have the temperament or integrity” to be on the Supreme Court.

Schumer also called the confirmation process one of the "saddest chapters" in Senate history and a "low moment for the nation." And while protesters tried to interrupt the Senate vote several times…and were removed by Capitol Police – soon, the deal was done. President Trumptapped Kavanaugh to replace retired Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Kavanaugh will report the SCOTUS tomorrow.

  • Alaska Republican Lisa Murkowski voted no, but then withdrew her vote. Apparently, she did that as a favor to Montana Republican Steve Daines, a Kavanaugh supporter, so Daines would not have to leave his daughter's wedding to rush back to DC for the vote. Murkowski noted that her action did not affect the outcome.

Source: NBC News

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Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning

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