Michael's "Amazing" Rendition Of The Phantom Of The Opera Theme


Michael was at the American Theatre Wing Gala honoring the musical career of Andrew Lloyd Webber and becoming an ECOT. It took place at Cipriani's on 42nd St. He caught a performance from Phantom of the Opera (video above) and even sang some of it himself (video below). 


“There was only one way we could follow up last year’s centennial blow-out, and that was by paying tribute to one of the great, unstoppable forces shaping both the theatrical landscape and popular culture over the past half-century: Andrew Lloyd Webber,” said Heather Hitchens, President and CEO of the American Theatre Wing. “We are honoring Andrew for his immeasurable artistic contributions, and also for his unwavering commitment to arts education. The work he is doing on behalf of underserved young people is absolutely vital to the future health of both our industry and our society. We all feel incredibly lucky to count him as one of our most valuable partners on this front, and the work that we’ve accomplished together is some of the most meaningful, personally satisfying work we’ve ever done.”


(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

(Video Credit: Michael Riedel)

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Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning

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