Marauding Monkeys Force Villagers to Flee Their Homes in India

A village in India has turned into something of a ghost town after being overrun by hundreds of marauding monkeys that forced several families to flee their homes. The unsettling animal invasion has reportedly impacted the community of Narasapuram, which has been grappling with the pernicious primates for over a decade. Although the creatures were initially a small neighborhood nuisance, their population has exploded in recent years with some estimating that there are now about 400 macaques in and around the area.

Alas, as the number of monkeys roaming the village has increased, so too have their encounters with residents and, as one can imagine, these interactions are more often than rather unpleasant. What began with attacks on children and senior citizens soon gave way to even more aggressive antics reminiscent of the Planet of the Apes film series. "We have to keep the doors and windows bolted," explained the village chief Srivarama Krishna, "they are smart enough to open the door, come inside, and steal the cooked food."

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