Indian News Channel Suggests Missing Military Plane Was Taken by Aliens

A television channel in India is under fire for suggesting that a military aircraft that went missing earlier this month was actually taken by aliens. The puzzling disappearance of an Indian Air Force transport aircraft on June 3rd captivated the country and garnered considerable media coverage as an extensive search for the lost airliner turned up nothing. In the absence of any information on the plane's whereabouts, speculation began to run rampant and apparently spilled over onto the airwaves of TV station Zee Rajasthan.

During a bizarre segment discussing the missing airliner, an anchor with the channel put forward the fantastic argument that the plane had been "taken away by aliens." Fortunately for viewers who could not conceive of such a scenario taking place, the program featured a rather rudimentary animation showing a classic flying saucer encountering the aircraft and subsequently capturing it via a beam. Adding one extra layer of weirdness to the story, the anchor reportedly theorized that the sinister aliens behind the plane's disappearance were working with the Chinese government.

More on this story at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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