Flat Earth Society Says SpaceX Launch Was Fake!

While many were celebrating yesterday's successful launch of the SpaceX  Falcon Heavy rocket, there was one group that passed on popping any  champagne: Flat Earth enthusiasts.

Advocates for the controversial conspiracy theory found themselves the  subject of fresh ridicule when images of the Tesla Roadster sent into  space began circulating online.

The photos were touted by many critics of the Flat Earth theory as yet  another piece of definitive proof that, indeed, our planet is round.

But what skeptics considered further confirmation that the Flat Earth  theory is wholly incorrect wound up being seen by those who believe in  the concept as simply another sign of a vast conspiracy to hide the  'truth.'

Find out what the official Flat Earth Society had to say about what many are calling a major setback to their theory at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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