Woman Strips Naked, Walks Through Airport Security After Visa Issue

Passengers passing immigration

Photo: MesquitaFMS / E+ / Getty Images

A wild scene occurred at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in the Philippines over the weekend. According to The Manilla Times, 34-year-old Thuytrang Nguyen was returning home to Vietnam when she was told by immigration officials that she owed money because she had overstayed her visa.

Nguyen refused to pay and got into an argument with security. She then went to the bathroom, stripped naked, and proceeded to walk through airport security.

"She appeared a little irritable because, first of all, she can't communicate with us in Tagalog. And she doesn't speak English well…So we were communicating with her through Google Translate," Manuel Sequitin, Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) Assistant General Manager for Security and Emergency Services, told GMA News Online.

Security guards quickly stopped her and were able to calm her down. They gave some food and drinks and convinced her to get dressed.

Nguyen eventually agreed to pay the fine for overstaying her visa and was allowed to leave the country the next day.

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