Viral Married TikTok Couple Learns They're Actually Cousins

Photo: @tyleewaters/TikTok

A viral TikTok couple said they discovered they're actually cousins three years into their marriage.

Tylee and Nick Waters, of Utah, posted a video on August 30 with the text "Over 3 years into marriage and we just found out we are cousins" and 'Sweet Home Alabama' by Lynyrd Skynyrd playing in the background.

'I wish I were joking,' Tylee Waters wrote in the video's caption.

The couple later shared a follow-up clip confirming that they didn't plan on breaking up despite the strange discovery. The video shows a commenter asking, "Are guys [sic] still Married after finding out you are cousins?" and the text "And our answer is..." with 'Skibidi Bop Yes Song' playing in the background.

Naturally, the couple's announcement was met with numerous comments, which, perhaps more surprising, included several responses from people who experienced similar situations.

“My hubby and I have been married for 33 years and we recently found out that we are distant cousins,” another commenter wrote.”

“Same thing happened to us, married for 3 years with a kid and then found out we’re 5th cousins once removed,” one user wrote.

Several others were far more critical of the couple's reveal.

“I just need to know if you’re kidding or not. I need the algorithm to bring me back to the story time,” one commenter wrote in a follow-up video.

“That’s disgusting… we are not going to take incest relationships and try and make them normal.. both of you need therapy,” an angry replier voiced.

The couple had previously said they share the same birthday and had been told that they look alike in a "silly facts" video shared on the app.

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