Mayor Adams Calls For Federal Help To Deal With ‘National” Migrant Crisis

Mayor Adams says the migrant crisis facing New York City is a national issue that warrants a federal response.

He tells CBS’ “Face the Nation” that 70,000 migrants have arrived in the city with a projected cost of $4.3 billion. But Adams says the feds have only sent $30 million in aid and still haven’t enacted a solution to deal with the problem at the southern border.

“If this is properly handled at the border level, this issue can be resolved while we finally get Congress, particularly the Republican Party, to deal with a comprehensive immigration policy,” Adams said.

The mayor has attempted to send migrants to other parts of the state. But lawmakers in Rockland, Orange, Sullivan and Suffolk counties have all taken action to stop him.

“In coordinating our efforts, we believe the entire state should participate in a decompression strategy, and it's unfortunate that there have been some lawmakers in counties that are not carrying on their role of ensuring that this is a decompression strategy throughout the state,” Adams said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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