WOR Week in Review

Len Berman & Michael Riedel in the Morning:

As migrants continue to stream into New York City, Mayor Eric Adams has been busing the overflow into neighboring counties-- but the welcome mat will not be out in Nassau. Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman says Mayor Adams can ship them “maybe to Delaware.” Hear his interview with Len and Michael from earlier this week here:



Len and Michael spoke with former Nassau County Executive Laura Curran about the Daniel Penny chokehold death. Laura told the guys she rides the subway a few times a week and has seen plenty of intimidating folks roaming around.



There were eight incidents at New York beaches last summer that involved sharks biting people. In response, New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced a plan for enhanced shark monitoring for the beaches at Long Island state parks. Can people swim in the ocean this year without the fear of being attacked? Ocearch chief scientist Dr. Bob Hueter weighed in with Len and Michael about whether Jaws will impact your trip to the beach this summer.




Mark Simone:

Mark and Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett talked about the Durham Report and the Russia hoax. Hillary Clinton and the left concocted the whole fake story and the Democrats ran with it in an attempt to stop former President Trump.



Political analyst Monica Crowley spoke with Mark about the border crisis and how this is just one way liberal Democrats are turning the country into a mess.



Mark spoke with James Comisar from Heritage Auctions this week about his exciting upcoming auction featuring classic TV show memorabilia including the deskthat Johnny Carson sat behind on “The Tonight Show” and the bar from “Cheers.”


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