Mayor Adams Planning To Send Migrants To Rockland And Orange Counties

Mayor Adams says New York City has reached capacity in being able to care for migrants, so now he’s planning to send them to neighboring counties.

The COVID-era policy known as Title 42 will expire this week and that’s expected to lead to a surge of migrants crossing the border and making their way to New York City. Adams said a new program is being launched to provide temporary shelter to migrants at two hotels in Orange Lake and Orangeburg.

“Despite calling on the federal government for a national decompression strategy since last year, and for a decompression strategy across the state, New York City has been left without the necessary support to manage this crisis. With a vacuum of leadership, we are now being forced to undertake our own decompression strategy,” Adams said.

Rockland County has already declared a state of emergency ahead of the surge.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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