Mayor Adams: New Yorkers Should Exercise More

Mayor Adams is telling New Yorkers to walk and get more exercise, as he announced the beginning of construction to transform a stretch of Broadway.

“I am encouraging people to get out of their cars. We have the best transportation system, the MTA I’m on the train all the time. I’m encouraging people, we need to exercise.We’re too stationary. Let’s get on our bikes, let’s walk, let’s skateboard,” Adams said.

Work between West 25th Street and West 32nd Street with create a pair of pedestrian plazas, a two-wake bike lane and it will create space for more outdoor dining.

“Beginning this week, our Broadway Vision will come to life with vibrant, new public spaces and safer streets from Madison Square to Herald Square. Midtown is back, and New York City is back,” Adams said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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