Bodegas Installing Buzzer Systems To Stop Shoplifters

With shoplifting on the rise across New York City, some bodegas have begun installing buzzer-like systems to let customers into the store.

The security measure is usually reserved for high-end jewelry stores, but is now becoming common at bodegas where workers are on edge. In 2022, shoplifting complaints were up more than 40 percent compared to the year before.

Some officials blamed the state’s bail reform law, which creates a situation where many accused shoplifters are put back on the street quickly after being arrested.

“These customers have gotten so comfortable, so comfortable, that they’re doing it repeatedly,” bodega spokesman Fernando Mateo said.

On Friday, a 67-year-old bodega clerk was killed by a gunman on the Upper East Side. Police believe the suspect may be responsible for three other robberies around the city.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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