Poll: Just 29% Think Mayor Adams Is Doing A Good Job

With crime on the rise in New York City, voters are becoming dissatisfied with the job that Mayor Eric Adams is doing.

According to a new Siena College poll, just 29 percent say the mayor is doing a good or excellent job.More than half feel the city is headed in the wrong direction.

“If New Yorkers had a honeymoon with Mayor Adams, it was brief and it’s clearly over,” pollster Dr. Don Levy said.

The poll found that 76 percent of New Yorkers are worried they could be the victim of a violent crime.

“The mayor can take some comfort as well in the fact that 36% of residents think he’s doing a better job than Bill de Blasio did as mayor, compared to 17% who say he’s doing a worse job than de Blasio, and 36% who say Adams is doing about as well as de Blasio,” Levy said.

Source: Siena College Poll

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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