New Yorkers Begin Saving At The Pump

A suspension in the New York state gas tax began on Wednesday, saving drivers 16 cents a gallon.

State lawmakers took the action to combat the rising cost of gas, which has increased another 3 cents per gallon nationally in the past week. Before today, the New York average was $4.93 a gallon. But some drivers said the stations were slow to pass on the savings.

"It's still the same. I don't see any difference," one driver complained to WOR's Alice Stockton-Rossini.

The move by Albany lawmakers also gives local municipalities the option to lower their own gas taxes. That means drivers in some parts of the state could save even more. However, many drivers don't feel like they're saving any money.

"This is the same price I paid yesterday. They totally didn't get the memo," a woman said.

The suspension of the state’s gas tax will continue for the remainder of 2022.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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