Transit Employee Rescues Emotional Support Dog From Subway Tracks

A Metropolitan Transportation Authority employee in New York City is being honored for rescuing an emotional support dog who was lost in the subway. Lucy, a nine-year-old pup, managed to escape her owner’s Battery Park City home and ran all the way to the Chambers Street subway station, where she spent the next 10 hours running up and down the 1 line tracks.

Jose Bonilla, an MTA train service supervisor, first caught up with Lucy at one of her first stops, the South Ferry subway station. He says it took an all-day team effort to track the dog’s location and coordinate with the rail control center to make sure no trains ran her over. He finally found Lucy again at the end of the day at the 34th Street station and was able to return her to her owner’s daughter, Molly Malone.

She was able to thank Bonilla in person as the MTA awarded him a commendation for the rescue. “In the middle of this pandemic, I feel like you always need to look for the good guys,” Malone says. “And he’s definitely one of them and this is a happy ending.”

Source: CBS New York

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