Doctor Says Cockroaches Are In Pre-Ground Coffee Beans

Dr. Karan Raj has taken over TikTok debunking theories of your memories and other interesting things in medicine and life. However it was truly shocking when Dr. Raj went viral for revealing that if you drink coffee, you may be drinking up cockroaches!

“Just so you know, if you drink coffee, you’re also consuming cockroaches,” Dr. Raj bluntly says at the beginning of his TikTok video. Not only are we eating cockroaches, but they are ground up with the coffee beans so there is actually no way of telling if the bugs are actually in there. Dr. Raj tells his followers that there is no way for coffee companies to get the cockroaches out completely, so everything goes right into the coffee grinder.

And it's legal too! Food authorities allow a certain percentage of bugs in our food.

The comment section exploded with people freaking out over this reveal! "I could have gone my WHOLE LIFE without knowing this," one top comment reads. "Vegans everywhere are mortified," says another.

If you have an allergy to cockroaches or bugs, stay away from ground coffee!

Photo: Getty

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