New York City Will Now Have a 'COVID Recovery Czar'

Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced a new senior advisor that he will be calling NYC's "COVID Recovery Czar".

What will this role entail? the 'czar' will be coordinating different agencies and leaders in NYC's government to help the city come back after the pandemic. De Blasio has announced that Lorraine Grillo will take on this new position. Grillo has spent more than 20 years at the city's School Construction Authority.

"In my years serving New York City I've built schools for over 80,000 students. I've led nearly 4,000 capital improvement projects, and managed budgets totaling $28 billion. I build things, that's what I do," Grillo said. 

"There will be a weekly war room that will include all the deputy mayors, key agencies, key figures at city hall, constantly determining what it's going to take to move the recovery forward," De Blasio said.

During this Monday briefing with the Mayor, he also discusses revamping JFK Airport to help boost the businesses in Queens.

"These are not just going to be any jobs, but good jobs that are gonna ensure that southeast Queens and other communities around Queens can bounce back after this pandemic leaves us, in a big way," De Blasio said.

It's estimated that the JFK Airport projects will create around 20,000 jobs.

Photo: Getty

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