There Is Now A Vegan Community Fridge In NYC

New York City is getting its first vegan community fridge. The fridge is being created as a collaboration between Chilis On Wheel and activist groups: Overthrow New York, Artists Athletes Activists, Hip Hop is Green and Vegan Activist Alliance. The Overthrow Community Fridge is going to be stocked with fresh produce, rice, pasta, plant-based canned goods, vegan friendly clothing, toiletries and vegan literature.

The fridge is being spearheaded by Eloísa Trinidad, Executive Director of Chilis On Wheels New York and longtime activist and community organizer, Power Malu, the fridge is being created to provide healthy, vegan food to the local community. Not only is there a COVID-19 pandemic, but [there’s] also the pandemic of hunger and chronic disease,” Trinidad and Malu told VegNews. “The city and food justice organizations were not considering the health of the community or providing options for vegans, plant-based [folks], or those who simply want to eat healthier. They were hoarding all the resources and funding, while not including the community in the conversation, despite [the demand for] more plant-based foods. They were also not considering pre-existing conditions that can increase the rate of death from COVID-19, [conditions] that are increased by the consumption of animals.”

The Overthrow Community Fridge is open 24/7 and is located outside Overthrow New York at 9 Bleecker Street.

Photo: Getty

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