Colts, 49ers Interested In Trading For Jets QB Sam Darnold?

In his latest NFL mock draft, ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. once again predicted that the New York Jets will select Alabama Crimson Tide wide receiver DeVonta Smith to serve as a new Number 1 target for quarterback Sam Darnold.

Should the Jets trade him? CBS Sports is saying the Jets will draft Darnold's replacement with the second overall pick.

So where in the Sam Hill does that leave Sam Darnold?

One obvious choice would be the Indianapolis Colts as they just lost their starter Philip Rovers to retirement. And another lists the San Francisco 49ers as another potential suitor for Darnold.

According to numerous reports, Darnold would cost the Colts far less than they would have to deal in a Carson Wentz deal with the Eagles. The 49ers, meanwhile, could save over $21 million in salary-cap space by cutting or trading often-injured starter Jimmy Garoppolo at the beginning of the new NFL year in March. Perhaps the 49ers and Jets could follow in the footsteps of the Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams and exchange quarterbacks next month.

Source: Yardbarker

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