Watch John Travolta And Daughter Do 'Grease Dance' In Super Bowl Commercial

It has been 43 years since Grease was the word and now his hand jive is coming back for a Super Bowl ad for Scotts Miracle-Groproves.

The ad is filled with celebrities like Martha Stewart, but the real show stopper is 27 seconds in when John Travolta, 66, gets on camera with daughter Ella, 20. In the commercial, Ella is trying to help her dad get the camera working so they can make a TikTok video. That's when they launch into some dance moves that are quite familiar for Travolta fans!

Originally from 1978's Grease with Olivia Newton-John, Travolta and his daughter break into the beginning steps from the iconic dance off scene at Prom night. Before Cha-Cha comes in and ruins it all.....

The commercial is set to air during the second quarter of Super Bowl 55 on Sunday, Feb. 7. Other celebrities in the commercial include: Martha Stewart, Leslie David Baker (of "The Office"), Peloton instructor Emma Lovewell, Carl Weathers and NASCAR's Kyle Busch.

Watch the commercial and the iconic Grease scene below!

Photo: Scotts Miracle-Gro/Grease

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