These NYers Gave Out 18K Face Masks & 200 Gallons Of Sanitizer To Homeless

A lot of New Yorkers have seen financial struggle during this time, the homeless of the city are especially finding hardship.

Backpacks for the Streets, run by New York couple Jeffrey Newman and Jayson Conner, have been working hard during the pandemic to make sure the homeless population in NYC is well cared for.

“As an ‘essential service,’ we are on the front lines of the pandemic providing COVID fighting supplies to the homeless,”their website reads. “The homeless are among the most vulnerable to infection; yet they are the least assisted. We are committed to assisting the homeless by providing COVID supplies, including hand sanitizer, antibacterial wipes, masks and gloves, along with our packs of food, toiletries and life necessities, during the pandemic.”

In an interview with Fox, they handed out more than 10,000 backpacks 200 gallons of hand sanitizer and 18,000 masks to New Yorkers in need since the start of the pandemic in March. The backpacks are filled with emergency blankets, toiletries, feminine products and more.

“It can be very lonely living on the street,”Conner shares on their website, and was homeless himself for two years when he and Newman first met 16 years ago. “Many of the homeless are grateful that someone sees them as a person and treats them as if they matter.”

You can help their mission bydonating hereorvolunteering with them here.

Photo: Getty

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