New York City Closes Schools

New York City schools have switched to all remote learning on Thursday, after the city’s positivity rate hit 3 percent.

“No one is happy about this decision, we all in-fact are feeling very sad about this decision,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said.

The 3 percent threshold for closing schools was agreed to earlier this year as part of a deal with the teacher’s union. Mayor de Blasio said it’s a standard they need to stick to.

"Across the street the Catholic school is open because they're following the state rules. The private school up the block is open because they're following the state rules. But our kids, who we chose to put in public school, have to stay at home," one parent told WOR's Alice Stockton-Rossini.

Parents have already begun collecting signatures calling on Mayor de Blasio to reverse his decision. They complain that the positivity rate in schools is significantly lower than the rest of the city. Other establishments also remain open.

"Are our kids going to be doing their remote learning from a bar? From a restaurant? From a gym? From a casino? All these places are open," another parent said.

While the city’s positivity rate is 3 percent, the rate at schools is less than 1 percent.

Photo Credit: Getty Images