KFC Selling Popular Chicken-Scented Firelog At Wal-Mart This Year

KFC is bringing back their popular chicken-scented fire logs for the holidays, so now you can enjoy a relaxing night by the fire while the smells of sizzling chicken permeate through your home.

For a third consecutive year, the fast food chain is selling their 11 Herbs & Spices Firelog, only this year instead of getting them through KFC's website, the company is selling them exclusively through Wal-Mart. The firelog, from Envrion-Log, is designed to make your home smell like your favorite fast food fried chicken, without all the calories that goes with it.

They went on sale yesterday for $15.88, and are available while supplies last in-store and online. But if you’re interested you better act fast. These firelogs are so popular they quickly sold out for the past two years straight.

Source: Yahoo

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