A Giant Work-From-Home Desk Was Spotted Floating In The East River

Improv Everywhere, a comedic performance group in New York City, set out over the weekend to set up a floating socially-distant office on a raft in the East River.

“In thinking about things we could do that would be COVID-19 safe, we got excited about the idea of creating something in the middle of the river,” Improv Everywhere explained on their website. “With everyone working from home in cramped apartments, we thought a socially distanced office would be the perfect thing.”

The floating desk was built at Tideland’s property in Queens, and then brought to Pebble Beach in DUMBO where it was brought into the East River with a Zodiac boat and anchored. It included a battery-powered Mac mini, a desk, chair, file cabinet, sanitizer, waste bin, telephone, and even a water cooler!

The improv performance group posed as the NYC Department of Buildings, saying they were running a 'pilot program' to the New Yorkers asking about it. The Improv Everywhere actor actually pretended to be on a Zoom call while he 'worked' in the middle of the river. Jet-skiers and boaters were very entertained by it all. There was even someone from the group rowing out to bring them snacks and drinks during the 'work day.'

Photo: Getty

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