Snow Days Are Officially Canceled For New York Students This Year

Your kids won't be liking this story...

There will no longer be snow days for students in New York this year. The Department of Education announced that all New York school must continue under remote learning when weather conditions like snow occur. Students will not be spending their snow days outside building snowmen or throwing snowballs, but instead sitting at their kitchen table and stay in school remotely.

With the late start dates due to COVID-19 and online options now made available to everyone, the DOE is focused on meeting their '180-day instruction requirement' reports ABC7.

In a statement released by the DOE they state, “as we reopen schools for this critical school year, we are utilizing all of the lessons learned from remote schooling this spring to maximize our students’ instructional time,” which calls for remote learning on both Election Day and snow days.

With remote learning becoming somewhat normal, there is a chance that snow days may come to an end all together.

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