A New York City TikTok Influencer’s Tips For Meeting Rich Guys

Some people feel like dating can be a drag, but New York City “dating guru” Tiffany “Tiff” Baira says meeting a potential mate isn’t just fun, it’s her “favorite hobby.” The self-proclaimed “Samantha” from her friend group relates to the promiscuous character on “Sex and the City” and she’s happy to share what she knows. The 23-year-old started making TikTok videos during quarantine with her dating tips and advice and they’ve been going viral, so people want to hear what she has to say.

Some of Tiff’s videos explain where rich, eligible bachelors like to hang out, and in some of them she gets specific on where to find different types, including “Musician Edition,” “Wall Street Edition” and “Fashion Edition.” And her video “Best Place in NYC if You’re Looking for a One Night Stand” has racked up nearly half a million views (452-thousand).

But it’s not just what she’s saying, it’s her funny style, as well as her specific comments that viewers keep coming back for. And not all of her videos are about landing a rich guy, some are focused on body positivity and self-esteem, like “Top Three Lame Excuses Men Use When They are Not Into You.” “Not everyone has taste, so that’s probably why they’re not into you,” Tiff explains in this video with nearly 600-thousand views. “If he wants to go find the Walmart version of you, let him go, sis, because you are too opulent to put up with anybody that makes you feel less than the divine creature that you are.”

Source: New York Post

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