New Yorkers May Be Able To Visit London With ‘Transatlantic Air Bridge’

New Yorkers may be able to visit London soon with a 'Transatlantic air bridge.'

Discussions about an air bridge between London and New York could result in traveling between the two cities without quarantine. Since the lockdown six months ago, both national and international travel plans have been put on hold with many countries even closing their borders or implementing quarantine rules. As of right now, Americans can visit the UK but have to quarantine two weeks when they arrive. However that all may chance. "Senior level" talks between American officials and the UK government are raising the idea of an air bridge between New York and London which would permit travel between the two cities with no isolation period needed.

A source told The Telegraph that “There are discussions going on at a very senior level around opening up London and New York. They are at a very early stage but it is vital to get business going with a major trading partner especially as we near Brexit.”

“Public health remains the UK’s top priority and we are committed to tackling this virus while enabling a sustainable and responsible return to international travel.”

Both London and New York's tourism would greatly benefit from the air bridge. The cities have been greatly affected by the pandemic and therefore this air bridge could be an excellent opportunity to boost the economy.

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